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Are you looking for a safe facility to test the functionality, safety and quality of your autonomous system or to earn air miles in complex airspace?

LINA is your place!

A centrally located, easily accessible, secure, high-tech test facility for your development, with best-in-class test equipment.

Yes, this is LINA, unique in Europe!

Here, rapid development iterations can be carried out:

From concept to marketable product, air miles can be earnt needed for certification, simultaneous testing of autonomous airborne and ground vehicles or systems is possible and you are led throughout the certification procedure of your product.

Use the flexible airspace booking system with the integrated approval process and your test can start.


The LINA team is working on all of this at full speed!

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Where to find LINA?

Dubendorf Airport,

Hangar 9,

Ueberlandstrasse 271,

8600 Dubendorf,

Greater area Zurich,

Switzerland -

see google map 

For Whom is our Offer?

Researchers and Developers from Companies/Start-ups and Universities

Regulatory Experts

What is our Offer?

Three sub-facilities at one single place:

  1. large-scale INDOOR FLIGHT ARENA > Book now

  2. Outdoor PHYSICAL CAGE > ready 2024

  3. Largest Outdoor DIGITAL CAGE in Europe > ready 2024/25

High-tech equipment

By 2024/25:

Efficient approval process

Complex outdoor airspace

Support services

Storage facility

What else?

Events make the developments tangible for a broad audience

Impact of autonomous systems are discussed


The event program is coming, soon

What does the label LINA stand for?

The acronym LINA is based on the original project title:

A shared Large-scale INfrastructure for the development and safe testing of Autonomous systems

Logo Lina ohne Schrift_Zeichenfläche 1.png

" Here, future happens - innovations can be experienced - impact is discussed – solutions are created."

Indoor Test Arena
Outdoor Test Area


Indoor Test Area

Indoor motion capture for drones, Booking Safe testing indoor

It will comprise of an indoor flight test arena, equipped with motion capture, digital wind facilities, digital twins and more.

  • Size: 900 m2 , Hight: 10 m

  • VICON Motion Capture

  • Digital Twin

  • Wind Facility (2023)

  • Technology Readiness Level 1-4

  • Simultaneous Testing of Autonomous Ground and Flight Systems

Ad-hoc available.

Please book this infrastructure using the form below:

Thank you!

Outdoor Test Area

LINA Switzerland Dubendorf, testing of autonomous systems, Drone, Autonomes Fliegen, flying arena

The indoor arena is supplemented with a safeguarded outdoor zone that provides a mock disaster zone. It will for instance allow indoor-to-outdoor transition tests.

  • Size: 100x50 m, Hight: 12 m​

  • No Flight Permission required

  • Mixed Indoor / Outdoor Combination

  • Technology Readiness Level 3 - 7

  • Simultaneous Testing of Autonomous Ground and Flight Systems


Outdoor Digital Cage

Lina Switzerland Dubendorf, Digital Cage, Drone testing

The outdoor digital cage is the customizable facility to test developments in the complex airspace of the controlled zone at Dubendorf airport. It enables the testing of systems in VLOS and BVLOS, and the reliability of systems and operational procedures.

  • Volume Customizable

  • Complex Airspace to Earn Air Miles

  • Digitally Controlled, Safe Airspace within the Control Zone (CTR) Dubendorf

  • Availability of the Approval for CTR Dubendorf - e.g. SORA or Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC)

  • Airspace Booking and Scheduling System

  • Technology Readiness Level 6-9

  • Simultaneous Testing of Autonomous Airborne and Ground Vehicles or Systems


Digital Cage



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